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Uncle Nat’s is a gender-affirming, fat-glorifying, trauma and disability aware salon space, located in the heart of Brooklyn. Our services are booked and priced the same, regardless of gender or body type and our equipment is designed with all bodies in mind. We offer a holistic approach to luxury aesthetic services inspired by Universal Design, embodying the belief that infrastructure that accommodates the most marginalized folks in our community, is functional and accessible for all.

About - Uncle Nat's
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Gender Affirming Body Positive


At Uncle Nat’s we uphold policies that ensure our clients receive careful individualized attention by highly trained and fairly compensated technicians. If you are someone who needs hair curation for survival, gender affirmation, or sex work, we offer a sliding scale program as well as preference your appointments during our pay-what-you-can days. We engage in restorative accountability practices to mitigate harm in our space, with the knowledge that esthetic care can elevate vulnerability and that no human deserves to be canceled.


There is no doubt Uncle Nat’s is already making an impression in this industry! We dream of a world where gender is never on the menu and all bodies are offered the same comfort and care. It is our goal to continue to work with salon leaders and creatives to implement accessibility and holistic care modes that work for their business. If you are interested in incorporating better care practices in your space, just book a chat with Nat. We’d love to hear from you!

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