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What is a Facial?

Our skin care was born from the desire to support our clients through the effects of body hair removal; spotlighting hyperpigmentation, keloidal scarring, in-grown hairs, kp, hs, pilonidal cysts, inner thigh friction, fungal infections and the balancing of genital environments.

These days our facials are for face and full body and can happen during hair removal or as a stand alone service. We focus on post-op wound healing and scar managements, aging support, the varied needs of more melanated clients, those on hormone therapies or experiencing hormonal changes, people with skin immunity issues and those who need crease care.

Our products range from small batch whole plant medicine to naturally sourced lab technology.

We use a mixture of manual manipulation techniques like lymphatic drainage, sculpting and buccal massage as well as no down time, non-ablative laser treatments.

We offer 7 base facials, all of which can be customized with add-on options through our booking page.

How It Works

Our body is a symphony of rhythms whether it's the cycles of hair growth or the cycles of skin cell turn over. We respect these rhythms and just like we wouldn't give a plant all the water it needs for the year at once, we wouldn't want to get one facial a year to address all the seasonal changes and issues we've gone through. We recommend getting a facial every 4-6 weeks and working with us on an effective home care routine. LED can be use daily to heal wounds. Manual manipulation can be performed daily as well. We care about your barrier so acids are kept to a minimum and recovery is important. We can perform extraction on request but we believe a good home care routine should be preventing congestion.

Uncle Nat loves this totally customizable facial for acneic issues resulting from testosterone hormone therapies, dryness from menopausal/estrogen reduction, dullness from smoking and environmental damage, even for the most sensitive skin...don't over think it, Uncle Nat will evaluate your skin and recommend the facial that's best for you (botanical/enzyme/oxygen)

Have you thought about preventative botox? This is better. It's like pilates for your face. A transformative holistic treatment with zero downtime, that gives a prolonged lifting effect to your skull (yeah, it droops) face, neck, and décolleté. A series of 6-8 sessions recommended for TMJ/jaw fatigue and fine line smoothing. Can be performed daily.

Breath work
Lymphatic drainage
Sculpting facial
Buccal massage
Red Carpet Laser Facial
All while cooking under an LED light therapy blanket (one of only two in the 5 boroughs!). It's like a non ablative, totally holistic version of that med spa scene in Death Becomes Her. I'll be Isabella Rossellini, and you'll be Meryl Streep. But less bitchy.

Plumping and healing. You want it? We got it. Zero downtime. So named for the stars who get this treatment on the way to a red carpet event. We recommend a round of 4-6 sessions for more curative results. Fine lines and little bumps be gone! We want to PLUMP! YOU UP!

Plumping and healing. You want it? We got it. Zero downtime. So named for the stars who get this treatment on the way to a red carpet event. We recommend a round of 4-6 sessions for more curative results. Fine lines and little bumps be gone! We want to PLUMP! YOU UP!

First Time? Been a While?

Make sure to Plan Your Visit.



Below are a few guidelines for each step of your appointment we recommend following for the best possible results and to avoid paying extra for necessary pre-care treatment.

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Book now

First thing’s first! Book your appointment.

Have questions? Book a Phone Chat with Nat if you have more questions!

Mark your appointment

Plan your time. Make your appointment on your calendar.

In order to meet our mission we have to be strict with our cancellation and lateness policies. We strongly encourage our clients to block out an extra 30-60 minutes longer than the scheduled appointment to account for any extra care time we need to take with either you or a client ahead of you. Parking in this neighborhood can be tricky, which is why we offer reduced and validated parking for Uncle Nat’s clients only at a conveniently located garage.

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Clean and dry your skin. No lotions or oils on treatment areas

Come to your appointment with clean dry skin- no lotions or oils on the treatment areas.

Park Your vehicle

Park your vehicle if you’re driving.

Parking is at 800 Flatbush. The 2127 Caton entrance is on Caton between Flatbush and E. 21st St. When you are parking follow the directions below:

  • Say you’re going to Uncle Nat’s
  • Ask for a paper ticket
  • Spend $150+ (before tax and tip) for free parking ($15 parking fee will be added to your service if you spend less than $150 (before tax and tip)
  • Get your tickets stamped
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Buzz us at 6B

Buzz 6B and make sure to close the door directly behind you. This is a residential building and so we ask that you be vigilant about not letting folks in behind you.

kick off your shoes

Kick off your shoes & wash your hands

Kick off your shoes in our hallway upon arrival and enter our waiting space with your socks or our provided house slippers. Wash your hands in the bathroom immediately to your left upon entering and come on in. Feel free to try out the products on our tester wall while you wait. Arrive early for use of our plant tincture/ beverage service, or to simply relax and take in the vibes before your appointment.

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avoid the sun

Avoid the Sun!

Avoid direct sun on the treatment areas for 48 hours after your facial while your skin is in a heightened state of photosensitivity.

be in touch with uncle nat

Be in touch!

If you have a reaction at all, or see results that are outside of what we set you up to expect, please let us know ASAP. The best way to reach us is to reply to the initial confirmation message you received before your appointment. The cost of your booked services includes access to our professionals in between appointments. Your messages go straight to your profile and can only be seen by your technicians. We encourage you to send photos of the affected area immediately so we can best assess your skin and adjust your treatment plan.

Still Have Questions?

They may have been answered in our FAQs or feel free to
get in touch!

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