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Uncle Nat's Chest Binders

$ 48 

I’d like to thank my friend Kristin over at The Dress Code Project for hooking me up with Maxx, the owner of Pack Animal Collective…and so we bring you… UNCLE NAT’S CHEST BINDERS!! I couldn’t be more proud of this collaboration! Two trans-owned businesses coming together for community!! These gorgeous Canadian-made Pack Animal Mid-Length Binders are a positively binding experience to its hordes of fans and are now available in-store at Uncle Nat’s!! This comfy mid-length design only compresses the chest but does not compress the abdomen so it won't interfere at all with digestion. The material used helps wick away sweat, and with two exclusive Uncle Nat’s branded colors to choose from, this is the perfect binder to blend in nicely with the shop! For best results, measure around the widest part of the chest with the arms down. These binders are designed to fit small, so go up a size if you'd like a looser fit. Well, my nephew wanted me to tell you that these binders are soft, and it’s easier for him to breathe, and the colors go with every outfit.

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